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Founded in 2007, BGSF’s foundations were laid when two light industrial offices were purchased by Taglich Brothers Private Equity Group. When started as two brands grew to twelve, encompassing 80+ offices around North America and what remains is the ambition for growth. The company has since transitioned from humble beginnings to providing high-end technical services and has moved towards higher margins. Through the years, both the desire of the investors and the dedicated BG team continued to expand through acquisitions that have inspired keen, organic evolution.

United States
Plano, Texas

Annual Revenue

$50 to $500 million



BG Staffing Contacts

We have 203 contacts in our database, out of which 10% are decision makers. The distribution of leads are as follows:

Classification of BG Staffing Contacts as per Designation Label:
Classification of BG Staffing Contacts by Functional Responsibility (Top 5):

BG Staffing Website Traffic Analysis

In August, 2019 bgstaffing.com's total website visitor was 43451, increased by 14% from previous month. Some key metrics are Average time spent on site is 2 minutes, Bounce Rate is 55% and average page per visit is 2 respectively.

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2 Minutes
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Frequently Asked Question About BG Staffing

1. BG Staffing was founded in 2007.
2. BG Staffing specialize in Administrative and Clerical, Commercial Real Estate, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Light Industrial, Marketing, Multifamily.
3. $50 to $500 million.
4. 201-500 employees.
5. BG Staffing is a Public company.
6. BG Staffing headquarter located in Plano Texas, United States.
7. We have 203 contacts in our database.
8. We have 21 decision makers in our database.

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