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Penumbra, Inc., headquartered in Alameda, California, is a global healthcare company focused on innovative therapies. Penumbra designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products and has a broad portfolio that addresses challenging medical conditions and significant clinical needs across two major markets, neuro and vascular. Penumbra sells its products to hospitals primarily through its direct sales organization in the United States, most of Europe, Canada and Australia, and through distributors in select international markets.

Medical Devices
United States
Alameda, California

Annual Revenue

$50 to $500 million



Penumbra Inc Contacts

We have 1093 contacts in our database, out of which 9% are decision makers. The distribution of leads are as follows:

Classification of Penumbra Inc Contacts as per Designation Label:
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Penumbra Inc Website Traffic Analysis

In October, 2019 penumbrainc.com's total website visitor was 27072, increased by 174% from previous month. Some key metrics are Average time spent on site is 1 minutes, Bounce Rate is 27% and average page per visit is 2 respectively.

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1 Minutes
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Frequently Asked Question About Penumbra Inc

1. Penumbra Inc was founded in 2004.
2. Penumbra Inc specialize in Neuro Products, Embolization Products, Neurosurgical Tools.
3. $50 to $500 million.
4. 1001-5000 employees.
5. Penumbra Inc is a Public company.
6. Penumbra Inc headquarter located in Alameda California, United States.
7. We have 1093 contacts in our database.
8. We have 100 decision makers in our database.

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