Top 10 Fastest Growing Fortune Companies of 2019

Posted on Dec. 30, 2019 by Clive Gomes
Top 10 Fastest Growing  Fortune Company

The world is indeed growing fast and that implies to the industrial sector as well. The annual fortune ranking report acted as a ‘barometer of dynamism in the economy’. Now here is a sneak-peek from the Fortune‘s 2019 ranking of the world’s top three-year performers in profits, stock returns and revenues, presented to you by GetCompanyInfo. Since the last two years, the technology sector has been winning the race of the fastest-growing companies, having nearly 32 corporations in the list of 100 fastest-growing fortune companies. Now let us have a look at the top ten fastest-growing corporations of 2019, as entailed in the Fortune list.

1. Momo Technologies (MOMO)

One of China’s leading open social platforms, Momo Technologies is a geographic-location based mobile application. Tang Yan is the chief executive officer since the time it got established. The company generated $2,142 as its revenue for the past four quarters. The current market value of the company stands at $7,423. The company envisions to highlight the novelty and beauty, and connect people over mobile internet. On December 11, 2014, Momo Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ exchange in the United States. The time period between 2011 to 2018 saw a series of significant events taking place inside the company. Latest by 2018, the company having more than two thousand employees, completed the acquisition of 100% equity in Tantan. In January 2019, Momo had its "MOMO Live 17 Surprise Night" Ceremony held in Shenzhen. Momo is headquartered in Beijing, China. For more information, kindly visit its official website:

2. Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL)

Formed in 1888, one of the largest landowning trusts of Texas is here; it’s called Texas Pacific Land Trust. Acquired a revenue-collection growth rank of 2 and 85% of revenue –annual growth rate, the Lone-star based company acquired an amount of nearly 900,000 acres of land in West Texas. The current market value of the company is $6,104 as of June 28; 2019. The Company rightfully terms itself “A Legacy of American History”. Going by the fortune statistical data presented, the revenue generation of this company for the past four quarters has been $432. This company has again maintained its legacy of being in the ‘Fortune –fastest 100’ list for three years at a stretch. Tyler Glover maintains his designation of Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, and General Agent. It is currently headquartered in Dallas, & if you are interested to learn more on this company, kindly visit its official website:

3. Micron Technology (MU)

All about the powerful strand of technology, Micron Technology is a leading manufacturer of NAND flash memory USB flash drives and other computer storage solutions. It is also working co-jointly with OHSU for applying advanced technologies in cancer research. Its net income for the past four quarters has been $13,060. Micron Technology’s market value stands at $42,596. The company redefines the meaning of ‘usage & implementation of data’. Today, Micron is proudly holding nearly 37,000 team members across 18 different countries, driving technology that shapes humanity. The tech-freak corporation has its house presently in Idaho, United States. The earning per share annual rate of growth has been 173%. There are various insights from their practical incorporation of high-scale technology and artificial intelligence in the fields of neuroscience, business, medicine, and robotics; for details please have a look at their website:

4. Corcept Therapeutics (CORT)

The pharmaceutical company Corcept Therapeutics deals with the development and nourishment of modulators for the "stress hormone" called Cortisol. It earned a net income of $76 last year. The drug & healthcare-related company is based at Menlo Park, United States. The current market value stands at $1,281. The revenue growth rank earned is 4 at a rate of 74%. Founded in the year 1998, Corcept has discovered more than 500 proprietary molecules since then. Joseph Belanoff is the current CEO of the corporation.

An amount of $258 as revenue was generated last year. For a more detailed view and a better understanding of the concept of cortisol dysregulation and how Corcept Therapeutics is thrashing against the same, please have a view at their website:

5. Netflix (NFLX)

As we all know about it well, Netflix is an America-based media-service providing and production company, having its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. The earning per share growth rank marked itself at 9th with a steady growth rate of 129%; and the total return-rank is at 12, at an annual rate of 59% return. The market value of Netflix as of June 28, 2019, is $160,600. For the last four quarters, the company has seen a revenue generation of $16,614. The net income of 2018 for Netflix was $1,265. Netflix is currently ruling the American media-entertainment industry, and standing on the Fortune fastest list for nine times as of now. Reed Hastings is its Chief Executive Officer. Here is a look at the company’s official website 

6. Paycom software (PAYC)

Paycom is an American, comprehensive HR & Payroll Software company, based in Oklahoma City. Last year it successfully acquired an annual revenue of $566.3 million. The company’s current market value stands near $13,265. Paycom is rightfully termed as one of the first full- online operated payroll providers, having offices throughout the United States. The revenue growth rank of the company stands to be 41, with a revenue annual growth rate of 34%; the earning per share growth rank has been 22, with an annual growth rate of 80%. Now leverage from this online application, for more details please log on to its official website

7. Nvidia (NVDA)

Founded in 1993, Nvidia Corporation is simply an American technology giant. Nvidia stock price as per NASDAQ is US$225.15 as of 16th December. The company aims at designing GPUs for the gaming markets and SoCs for mobile computing and automotive markets. The company is entailing 13,227 employees, with Jensen Huang as its current CEO; and an annual net income of $3,291, the revenue growth rank of the company was 32, with an annual growth percentage of 35%. Till 2019, the total return rank has been 15, with the total return annual rate being 52%. They are providing products and platforms for the growing markets, keeping in mind the mega-trends in technology. For a rather intricate look into the company, please go to their website:

8. Nexstar Media Group (NXST)

Nexstar Media Group is a leading local media company with a national reach. The company has occurred as much as $4.3+ billion of pro-forma revenue until this year. With the current market value at $4,655, they aim towards increasing digital media operations across America. It is proudly engaging as much as 197 full-power stations (including partner stations) in 115 markets, keeping an outreach of nearly 63% of households-television sets throughout the United States. The revenue collected by the company for the past four quarters is $2,778. Being into existence for the last 23 years; the company is currently holding the position of America’s largest local television and Media Company. The total return-rank as perceived was at 40, with an annual rate of 31%. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Here is a look at their official website for a diverse knowledge

9. Triton International (TRTN)

Triton International is the world’s largest producer of intermodal containers as of 2019. The company has been leasing intermodal containers and is a leading container- provider to each of the top 5 global container shipping lines around the world. The earning per share rank of the company has been on the 15th mark, with an annual rate of 98% and $2,485 as the current market value. The company aims at delivering unparalleled container-supply potentialities to its customers, through extensive global operating infrastructure, keeping in mind the standards of lowest cost ratios of the industry. As of 2019, Triton International is entailing a squadron of over 6 million twenty-foot coequals (“TEU”) of ship-containers. The company has successfully built a worldwide network of 23 offices across 16 nations. Around $361 has been collected as net Income for the past four quarters, whereas $39.51 is the company’s current stock price and $1.5 billion is the annual revenue. To know more on this company, please visit their official site

10. SS&C Technologies Holdings (SSNC)

From the corners of computer software technology, SS&C Technologies has been on the Fortune-fastest company list for four consecutive years now. The current market value of SS&C Technologies is $14,575. With William Stone as its current CEO, the company is thriving for more than thirty years. Through an enchanting medley of Organic innovation and strategic acquisitions, SS&C Technology’s stock price has gone up at 28% CAGR, twice the rate of the S&P 500. Revenue generated for the past four quarters was $4,136. The revenue growth rank is 12, with an annual growth rate of 44%. SS&C serves its clients around the world, through its chain of offices spread around the world. They are publicly listed on the NASDAQ (SSNC) as well. For a detailed view, please log on to

What is GetCompanyInfo saying?

With the ever-evolving technology, business strategies, business operations, social media tools; and educational perspectives, it is common sense that the industries will grow too, irrespective of the sector.  All we can find is the driving trend of implementing technology in every industry. Today 90% of businessmen are taking the help of technology to outperform their competitors in the market, open-up new opportunities; and create a moderating customer-experience. Undoubtedly with the exponential rate of growth of business, technology has brought home a wider range of audiences. The scenario is no longer like only the large-scale businesses are having access to the robust technology in their craft; even the small-scale businesses are utilizing it to the full extent. Digitalization has rather taken the coaction of technology and business processes to an all-new level, whereas improving its cost efficiency and rendering lucrative space for business innovation.

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