Company Profiling of US Solar Companies

Posted on Nov. 15, 2019 by Clive Gomes


The client is a specialized energy infrastructure asset management company based in USA with several private equity funds under management.


The US solar industry is generating billion dollars in economic activity, including direct sales, wages, salaries, benefits, taxes and fees. Its revenues has grown by over 5 times in the last ten years. The significant growth of the US solar industry in recent years thus, has created immense opportunities for investors.

To get benefited from this rapidly growing industry, the client has targeted the leading solar manufacturer across USA for their next big investment. In order to identify investment opportunities and associated risk, the client asked GetCompanyInfo to do a fundamental analysis and support them with a report with detail operational and financial performance of the selected target companies.


Our main objective behind preparing this report was to give our client a company analysis report that is comprehensive to gain strategic insight.

Owing to our deep domain expertise, we initiated the process by collecting information from various secondary sources including journals, magazines, press releases, respective company website, related reports, blogs and social networking sites using our advanced programing technologies leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

After that, data screening and validation process was carried out manually to remove irrelevant information and following analysis was considered from cleaned information:

  • Business Strategy Analysis
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • Market Risk Analysis
  • News Analysis, and
  • Stock Forecasting


GetCompanyInfo delivered the following:

  1. All raw data and information about any given target company in an interactive database
  2. Detailed analytical report of target companies
  3. Important data source sites for further updates
  4. Top line presentation comprising of all target companies for comparable purpose and strategic decision making process

Our solution helped the client in making strategic investment decision and ensured them that the company has got the right strength to compete in the market.


GetCompanyInfo employed a team of four in-house research experts, who had all the required skills to carry out all secondary research. The project took almost three weeks to complete and included almost 50 top solar companies across USA.

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